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How it began,

Its a cold April 2018 and whilst we desperately attempt to get our new website up and running. Populating it with stock, adding content like this at the same time we are also attempting to move to our new shop. We do like to juggle multiple things at once, No matter how many times we say it we always end up with large projects on the go.

“From the Vault” Started as a way to escape the rat race, a hobby turned business from front room to a shop and now online. We reside in one of Devon’s seaside towns Paignton but stretch around the globe on various selling platforms including our own site. To say we haven’t been around long would be an understatement but we have been flying on the edge of our seats ever since it all began.

This whole journey started a few years back, I’m a geek through and through and have always and will probably (most definitely) always love collectables vintage and modern alike. So buying selling and trading came naturally to me, this is where our current store began, Selling anything from Original Star wars figures to funko and lots in between. Zach joined shortly after the store opened we had previously worked together and after he’d finished his world travels he was looking for his next adventure. He was the right person to join the quest he turns me insane and sane at the same time and for the most part is the perfect person to work with, I’m tempted to up my life insurance as he normally finds a way to injure me by mistake (he say’s) and he has a annoying super human walking pace but you cant have everything I guess. Together we have got to this point an ever expanding team, A much larger shop a Website and various other routes to market. We have a lot more to do, a hefty old mountain to climb but we are up for the challenge. So I thank you for reading this and even more so if you order we will do our best to look after you as a customer.

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